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Hundred to million domain names are available for you. However, you need to choose a unique domain name as you'll find out soon that it will become your valuable asset. It doesn't matter what business you're in, a unique domain will help your web business to be easier found by your probable customers. Customers seem to avoid difficulties in domain search.
The free hosting account seems to be popular among the startup or small business. However, it will give you a bad URL address like waps. . This kind of URL could be the boomerang, as you want to press the budget, you'll get bad remark for your business as your web is considered to be not reliable, credible and trustworthy.
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Search for something like "" to check domain. We support all major domain names ".com .net .org .info .biz .co .in .ru .de .io"

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Buying a proper domain name is the key to get your business successful. Proper domains will make people exciting to do business with you. Credibility, reliability, trustworthy and other business predicates can be achieved by buying a proper domain name. US$5 won't lead your business to the bankruptcy, small attention to the domain name will even boost it.

However, picking a name isn't an easy stuff. It is easy you wouldn't find any people can sell domain names for thousand dollars, it's indeed tricky and sometimes difficult. Your full business/company names should have a domain name, for example, Then, you need to buy the short version of it,,, buy them all if they're available.

The main idea is to buy all of your probable variant domain names of your business. The extension ".com" should be your priority to buy a domain name, otherwise, you can select extension based on your country, for example,,, and so forth. You can purchase your business domain name with extension ".org" and ".net" as the second option. Most of the browser application correct or suggest any user input with ".com" instead of ".org" or ".net". You can simply buy them so you can put a link to direct your customers to your ".com" site to avoid them visiting somebody else's website which is similar.

It's also suggested to put SEO friendly keyword beside your business name to your domain name. Your probable customers who don't know about your business name need to be made easier to find your website. You can put the keyword which represents your very business or product. For example, or, avoid any excessive keyword on the domain name. It's suggested for you to buy all variant domain names with the certain keyword you have decided as you can compete with the similar business site and the increasing possibility for your business site to be found.

However, the difficulty appears when you put "clothing", it can become too generic as many sites use it. You need to put the second keyword which is more specific. For example, you can put city or name of street, or genre to your domain name:,, and so forth. If it's possible you can shorten the domain names, but it's not obligated as you need to confirm your business name before the keyword.

Using numerical and alphabetical additions for your domain names can boost your rank in directories. For example, or will be listed on the first page of search engine. Numerical indeed has a better result than alphabetical. However, if you want to strictly use your business name without any additions, there are still ways to keep it optimized.

It's also advisable for you to purchases your domain names both in singular and plural: and This step will help your probable customers to visit the right address in case they fail to type the address correctly. Indeed, a short domain name can be hardly found, but it's still possible for you if you do some researches. Of course, it's easier if you don't have any fixed business name yet as you can adjust it name with available domain names. However, you already have a fixed business name try the keyword combinations with keeping your business name, the challenge is indeed to find the search engine friendly keyword. When you find one that fits your business name, you'll know that it worth your time to research.

In case you meet the dead end to get the shorter domain name, you can put hyphens on your longer domain names. For example, can be transformed into This step will develop a user-friendly finding on the search engines. You're suggested to buy both hyphenated and non-hyphenated domain names. The hyphenated version is clearer to be read so it's suitable to be put on your legal documents or cards.

Speaking of readable domain names, you're suggested to put capitalized letter of each word of your domain names. is more readable than Readable domain names are urgent for marketing or promoting purposes.

You have been informed about the possibility of misspellings or mistyping. This possibility will increase as you choose a longer or more difficult domain names. So, it's suggested for you to buy all the probable misspelling and mistyping domain names. Indeed, it will cost you more, but this will help you to drive more traffics to your business website.

You can find many sites which offer cheap domains. They can offer domain names for only US$ 5 - 6. It's okay to purchase from the cheaper provider as long you've researched the reliability and reviews. If you don't want to be bothered with long distance services you simply purchase from your local region/country domain names. You can simply put your country name as you search the available domains on your search engines.

And the last you need to make your business site is reachable and communicable. The automation of administration is indeed a big temptation, but it won't help your business. As soon as your business site's visitors know that they're talking to the robot they'll feel disrespected and disappointed. The basic business communication is still obligated as you have a business domain name. You need to manually give best services to your customer by replying their comments or sending newsletters. - 2019 - This is website where you can check domain avaliablity website will also generate domain names for you.

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